State of the City

The 4th annual Newport News State of the City address was held October 18th. The City of Newport News and the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce hosted the event at the Newport News Marriott at City Center. This year’s theme was “Delivering Greatness.” Mayor McKinley Price, on behalf of City Council, addressed over 575 business and community leaders including elected officials from the entire Hampton Roads region.

In his remarks, Mayor Price discussed what makes Newport News a great city. He noted innovation in business growth, commitment to revitalization and enhancement of locations throughout the City and commitment to the education and the future of its citizens. He discussed scholastic advancements in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Mayor Price emphasized that the City is delivering on a promise to deliver greatness, not only for today, but also for the future. Mayor Price also unveiled an exciting long-term future plan for Downtown revitalization into a vibrant urban, mixed-use community of housing, businesses and entertainment, embracing the Downtown manufacturing heritage and coupling it with new and innovative entrepreneurial opportunities. Many accolades achieved and highly-regarded accreditations earned from around the City were proudly shared.

City Manager James M. Bourey provided a progress report on the City’s Performance Outcome Measure initiative. Implemented in 2015, this tool is designed to identify and measure key performance areas in a manner such that the citizens of Newport News and the overall community can understand, gauging strengths and potential areas for improvement. Mr. Bourey also highlighted financial accomplishments, reaffirming his commitment to collaboration and innovation with City Council, City staff and the citizens of Newport News. The report showcased the City of Newport News as growing in a positive way and identified opportunities to deliver greatness to the entire City and the region.

The State of the City address was well-received for the fourth consecutive year, reaffirming that Newport News continues to be a leader in the region and a place Where Great Things Are Happening.